Opening 4/6/2011 7pm - 9pm

Crate 59 is pleased to present ‘Less Fluff’, an exhibition of new artwork from Cairns-based artist Jane Heraghty and Edinburgh-based artist Alex Maciver.
Heraghty & Maciver’s multi media exhibition explores misinterpreted identities. Heraghty focuses on the role of the celebrity and the ideas of delayed gratification. Whilst Maciver’s interests lie within the constant development of Western cultural trends, particularly within the fashion industry, exploring the way in which a single garment can become a symbol of a resisting authority, reflecting a certain political movement . Together their
art production relies on appropriation from the world of popular culture.

Heraghty has produced a series of collages titled ‘Bread and Circus’ using fragments of tabloid newspapers and magazines. She creates large scale mixed media collages that explore the notion of the celebrity as a commercial brand, focusing on certain garments and stories made famous by celebrated personalities. She explains,
‘Content is not important in Australian tabloid media;  these papers and magazines are all about the image and the image that sells. My line of thought lies with the viewers attraction to these media pin ups.’

Maciver’s practice often questions existing social values through constructing absurd narratives that waver between fact and fiction. The new work produced for ‘Less Fluff’ is inspired by the role of the black leather jacket and its evolution. Maciver compiles found images and items that are dissembled and re-arranged, offering a new speculation on commonplace or ubiquitous objects.
Maciver often plays with notions of ownership, the rites of exchange and culturally inherent economic, political and social value systems, borrowing from fiction, cinema and advertising in a bid to create new urban mythologies.